SCA 13 – Nash Sand bar

Summary description 

This area is located just offshore south of Porthcawl. It forms the western part of a linear shoal less than 10m deep with a sand and sandy gravel seafloor with high wave energy, sometimes of enhanced height and breaking, and strong currents.

Key characteristics

  • Part of a linear shoal just offshore less than 10m deep comprising of sand grading out to coarser sandy gravels.
  • Exposed to high wave energy and strong tidal currents.
  • Forms a hazard to navigation.
  • No wreck sites have been identified but wrecks include coastal traders sailing along the Bristol Channel.
  • Sea with distinct, exposed character of enhanced wave height and breakers over the linear shoal at lower states of tide, with a sense of wildness and excitement in these conditions.
  • The key visible coastal features are Porthcawl to the north, the Glamorgan Heritage Coast to the east and Exmoor to the south.
  • Tranquillity and remoteness will be reduced by Porthcawl’s proximity and character.

Forces for change

These can be divided into:

  • Natural processes
  • Recreational pressure
  • Commercial and leisure fishing
  • Offshore energy or minerals
  • MOD use

Initial thoughts are:

Nash Bank was historically one of the main areas for sand dredging. Although the western end of Nash Sands is licensed for dredging, dredging ceased in 2010.

An offshore windfarm in the Bristol Channel Round 3 licensed area to the south west would change the feeling of remoteness and would affect and block views out to sea.