Carmarthen Bay, Gower and Swansea Bay
Local Seascape Character Assessment Consultation

This study is looking at the seascape character of the coast and tidal waters between Laugharne and Porthcawl , and the sea out to the territorial limits in the Bristol Channel. The purpose is to divide the area into seascape character areas, to describe these areas, their characteristics, the change that is occurring, their sensitivities and objectives. This information will then be used to inform development planning and management for coastal and marine development in the area.

We are part of the way through the study and have identified twenty seascape character areas with draft descriptions and characteristics, and initial thoughts on forces for change. We need to check whether this draft  information  properly reflects what is there, what contributes to the area’s character and the changes it faces. We welcome feedback from people and organisations who know and use the area to help make this a useful planning document.

Study area and seascape character areas

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The consultation period is now closed

Comments on all seascape character areas have now been received (closed on 26th April).

What happens to my comments?

The consultants will record all comments and, in conjunction with the project steering group, will then adjust the boundaries, names, descriptions and forces for change as necessary.